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Basket Organizer is a helper program for the online basketball management game The program is not affiliated with and comes as is. Click to see more!


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See your complete team side by side. With a calculeted score in the five field posictions


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It helps to select the best team and can reset the starting five and substitutes. Each player has a score calculated for the position, allowing to choose the best man for each position


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Look at your calendar, analyze your players' participation in each game and decide who is better. You can see in the same table the official matches, league and cup, and friendly matches


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Spy on your opponent, how you play, which player is most important and how your opponent's form is. Analyze the last three games and prepare to win


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The ranking your team occupies, the points you scored and the points you suffered, with the balance of defeats and victories. Assess your chances of reaching the playoffs

Purchage Adviser

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What is the quality of the players on the transfer list? is there a place on your team for them? evaluate before and buy.


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How are players' positions defined on the pitch? what should be more valued? the shot or the pass? Configure each position in the game.


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Your pavilion is your sanctuary, see what conditions you have to receive the fanatics who accompany you. See the return of investment (ROI) and decide to upgrade your arena

Arena Comparation

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Compare your arena with the others teams of your division.


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You can see and compare the statistics of your players during the season

Rosters Extend

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Watch and compare each of your players. You can check who is the best defense and who is the best shooter

Best Position

Best Role

Distribute your players on the field, and see what the best role they can play.


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You can manage the time that each player has in games to validate the weekly training


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Chases as many flags as possible


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Are you new to the game? then the consultant can help you!

Player and Team Performace

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During the session or team and players have performance fluctuations. You can analyze the graph to find the moment to make the changes


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Window for player comparison that allows you to see graphically who is the man for the position

Download and Updates

You need to download and instal the program and the Microsoft Netframework 3.5


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